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Experience the transformative power of cold therapy with our EverestEvo cold plunge tub. Engineered with advanced cooling, filtration, and sanitation mechanisms, the EverestEvo delivers impeccably chilled, purified water on demand—no reliance on ice necessary. Versatile for both indoor and outdoor settings, installation is seamless, ensuring hassle-free enjoyment. Simply fill the EverestEvo with a standard hose, customize your preferred temperature (as low as 4°C), and prepare to revolutionise your wellness routine. Start reaping the benefits of cold therapy today with our 90-day risk-free guarantee.


Cools down to 37°F and heats up to 102°F (Ambient temperatures may affect these values)

Fully-insulated acrylic tub

Automatic 20 Micron Filtration

Chlorine Free & Ozone Sanitation

App Controlled

Easy Installation, No plumbing required

Made to last

What's Included

  • Fully-insulated acrylic cold plunge with connections and drain valve
  • Cooling & Heating Chiller with built in filtration system & pump
  • Skimmer Net
  • Replacement Filter
  • Insulated Cover
  • Cable Management

90 Day Risk Free Guarantee

Experience the power of cold therapy with complete peace of mind, thanks to our 90-day satisfaction guarantee. And if you're not completely satisfied, we'll handle the return and provide a full refund with no hassle.

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping and returns Australia wide.

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  • Skimmer Net

    Remove any leaves or large debris.

  • Replacement Filter

    20 Micron filter is key maintain clean water.

  • Insulated Cover

    Keep these cold in and can be easily removed for easy access.

  • Cable Management

    Clean cable management for standard AU outlet.

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Michael Latoza
Awesome Product!

Easy to install and a life changer. Everybody should get 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different from the cheaper ice bath setups?

There are now many copycat competitors who have systems that look similar from the outside, but have many issues under the hood that will become immediately apparent and worsen over time. For the sake of brevity will just cover two critical issues:

  • Starting with the filtration system; they’re systems are inferior and lacking UV santiation which is a critical component as it will require complete water changes as frequently as weekly and not safe to dunk head under water after the first use. This is up to 1 tonne of water per month wasted along with the draining and refilling issues.
  • The second is insulation; an ice bath in Australia is like a giant cold drink on a hot day, water droplets start accumulating and eventually start pooling and without heavily insulating the components the pooling is impossible to manage.  We have double insulated heavy duty hose with customised insulative covers for our filters and hoses to manage.

What is the difference between the setups, which is right for me?

  • The standard size tub is for 1 person up to 6.”2, the XL is for people over 6.2” and up to 2 people.
  • The regular chiller can maintain as low as 4C in the standard size tub. The Pro chiller can maintain temperatures as low as 2.5C and can handle larger volumes of water and is required for the XL Tub.

What is the Ideal Temperature for an ice bath?

2.5°C - 15°C

For those new to cold exposure, we recommend starting with a temperature range of 10-15°C. This temperature range provides a challenging but manageable experience that allows you to acclimate to the cold gradually. It's important to note that this temperature range is still extremely cold, and it may take some time to get used to it. To put it into perspective, a typical cold shower in Australia is around 20-25°C.

Attempting to go below 7°C for your first ice bath is not recommended. Such extreme cold can be dangerous and increase the risk of hypothermia or other health complications. 

We recommend 2.5°C as the absolute coldest temperature to avoid any potential health risks.

It's crucial to understand that everyone's tolerance for cold is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. Gradually lowering the temperature over time as you become more comfortable with the cold is a safer approach.

Remember to always listen to your body and avoid overexposure to cold water. If you have any health concerns or medical conditions, consult with a healthcare professional before starting cold exposure.

How often do I need to replace the water?

We’ve had customers use the same water for 6 months at a time, however for legal purposes the frequency of water changes depends on a number of factors and it is up to the discretion of the user to manage. The factors the effect this;

  • Personal or Commercial use; 
  • Single person or Multiple person; 
  • Additional of Pool Cleaning Chemicals: 

Frequency of filter cartridge change?

The filter cartridge can be washed multiple times before requiring a replacement. How often varies a lot depending on usage, but as a rule of thumb; 3 per year for personal use. 10 per year for commercial use.

Is there any plumbing required?

No. The water simply circulates between the chiller, filtration system and the tub.

How much power does it use?

Roughly $1 per day, varying depending on several factors; your set temperature, outside temperature, tub size. The system is very efficient with the thermostat switching of the cooling unit once the desired temperature is reached.

Can it be plugged into a standard Australia power outlet?

Yes. Plugs into a standard 240V Australian outlet.