• STEP 1: Inflate Pod

  • STEP 2: Attach Outlet Components

  • STEP 3: Attach Inlet Componets

  • STEP 4: Program Cooling Unit

  • STEP 5: Start the Water Circulation and Attach the Insulative Covers

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Before proceeding with your Everest Labs Pty Ltd Ice Bath System setup, it's vital to acknowledge potential risks. Ice baths involve exposure to extreme cold, which can pose health risks, including heart-related issues, loss of consciousness, or other conditions. These risks may result from factors such as extreme cold, equipment, or participant conditions. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns about your ability to safely use the ice bath, we strongly recommend consulting a medical professional before proceeding.

It's important to note that certain individuals should 100% avoid using ice baths. This includes, but is not limited to:

Individuals with known heart conditions or a history of heart problems.

Those with a history of fainting or loss of consciousness.

Individuals with circulatory issues or poor blood circulation.

Pregnant women, especially in later stages of pregnancy.

Individuals with severe respiratory conditions.

Those with open wounds, cuts, or infections.

Individuals with Raynaud's disease (excessive vasoconstriction in response to cold).

Understanding these terms is essential for your safety. Proceed with setup only if you accept these conditions and have consulted a doctor if you have concerns.

STEP 1: Inflate the POD

1. Attach Foot Pump

2. Inflate Ice Bath Tub

3. Detach Pump and Close Valve

IMPORTANT: Leave empty of water until the cooling system is fully set up and operational

STEP 2 : Attach the Outlet Components

1. Attach the Outlet Component

2. Attach Hose to Cooling Unit

STEP 3: Attach the Inlet Components

1. Attach the PP Filter

2. Attach Hose to PP Filter

3. Attach Hose to Cooling Unit

STEP 4: Program Cooling Unit

1. Turn Cooling Unit Power On

2. Program the Thermostat

2.1 Press and hold the SET key for 8 seconds; the F1 back difference code will appear.

2.2 Press the SET key again. Use the "▼" (cooling) key to adjust the thermostat range to 1.0 °C.

2.3 Press and hold the RST key to finalise the setting.

3. Set the Desired Water Temperature

3.1 Press the SET key for 1 second, then hold the "▼" (cooling) key to adjust to the desired temperature.

3.2 After setting the temperature (15 °C) press the RST key, this will revert to showing the current temperature.

3.3 The machine will initiate start-up after 3 minutes.

STEP 5: Start the Water Circulation and Attach the Insulative Covers

1. Fill Tub 50% with Water

2. Open Up the Valve

3. Connect Pump Power

4. Connect Cooling Unit Power

5. Connect Power Pack and Turn On

6. Add Insulated Hose Covers

7. Attach Insulated Lid Cover