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UV Steriliser Filter

UV Steriliser Filter

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Introducing the Ice Bath UV Steriliser Filter – the ultimate solution for keeping your ice bath system clean and hygienic. With its powerful ultraviolet light, this innovative device effectively controls bacteria and pathogens that can compromise water quality.



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  • Enhanced performance and recovery

    Cold water immersion helps to reduce inflammation, muscle soreness, and pain, leading to faster recovery times for athletes.

  • Improved circulation and cardiovascular health

    Ice baths can help to increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure, improving overall cardiovascular health.

  • Strengthened immune system

    Regular cold water immersion has been scientifically proven to enhance immune function, ward off diseases and illnesses.

  • Reduced stress and improved mental health

    Cold water immersion has been linked to reduced levels of stress and anxiety, improved mood, and better sleep quality.

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"The Articflow Ice Machine has completely transformed my ice bath experience. No more lugging heavy bags of ice or breaking the bank to keep up my routine. I now have access to a consistent supply of perfectly chilled water every day."

- Sam. G | Sydney, NSW -

Say Goodbye to Ice Bags

Ditch the ice bags with ArticFlow. Connect to your bath, set temp and relax. The advanced refrigerant control guarantees efficient cooling and consistent temperature maintenance. The strongest and quickest portable cooling solution on the market.

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One Chiller, Endless Possibilities

Cool down your own bath, spa, or any body of water with ease. Can't find the perfect pool? Try our inflatable ice bath combination for a hassle-free experience.

Effortless Set-Up in Minutes

Setting up your ArticFlow has never been easier. The step-by-step instructions in the owner's manual make installation a breeze, even for those without prior technical knowledge.

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Make it a Bundle with Everest Kit


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